Can You Mail A Hoverboard?

The Postal Service is restricting the domestic shipment of lithium-battery-powered mailable motorized balancing boards, often known as hover boards, out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with major merchants and the aviation sector.

Similarly, How much is it to mail a hoverboard?

SHIPMENT FEES For First Class Shipping of Weight 0lb to 0.49lb, we charge US$4.99 per order. For heavy shipping weighing between 15 and 29.99 pounds, we charge $19.99 USD. For expedited shipping of hoverboards weighing 30 pounds to 59.99 pounds, we charge US$99.99.

Also, it is asked, Can I mail a hoverboard with USPS?

Hoverboards will no longer be sent by aircraft by the US Postal Service, the federal mail delivery service said on December 16. The United States Postal Service (USPS) will only send hoverboards using Standard Post/Parcel Select as of right now and indefinitely.

Secondly, Can you ship a hoverboard with UPS?

Hoverboards can be sent by UPS and FedEx, although there are certain limitations because of those lithium batteries once again.

Also, Can hoverboard be shipped internationally?

Is it possible to send a hoverboard overseas? No. It is not permitted to ship motorized balancing boards or hoverboards to any APO, FPO, or DPO locations.

People also ask, Can you bring hoverboard on plane?

TSA Guidelines Strangely, the Transportation Security Administration, often known as the TSA, does not have a problem with hoverboards. Despite having a lithium battery, the TSA permits hoverboards to pass through security checkpoints as luggage.

Related Questions and Answers

Which is cheaper USPS or UPS?

Due to taxes and surcharges, UPS sometimes costs more than USPS, particularly when sending smaller products. When delivering smaller items weighing less than two pounds, USPS often provides substantially lower prices. Due to its higher value, UPS is often a better option for transporting bigger, heavier products.

Do hoverboards use lithium batteries?

Since lithium-ion batteries are compact yet have a large capacity, almost all hoverboards utilize them. Sadly, they are also prone to heating up too much and blowing up.

Can I ship an electric scooter USPS?

We send all of our electric scooters through UPS, FedEx, and USPS since they are all UL approved. To prevent damage during transportation, we advise sending your scooter exclusively in its original packing or having it professionally wrapped.

How much is it to ship a Segway?

Shipping costs for the 48 contiguous states Orders above $99 qualify for free delivery. Orders under $99 will incur a $15 delivery charge.

Can you mail lithium batteries?

Alaska and Hawaii are included in the domestic shipping options for lithium batteries. Rechargeable lithium battery shipments inside the United States are subject to different regulations than those for international commercial aviation travel.

Can you ship lithium ion batteries?

Lithium batteries may be carried by air despite prohibitions on their transportation, but only under certain conditions. Lithium metal batteries cannot be transported on a passenger airplane as cargo whether they are sent alone, uninstalled, or packaged with the equipment they will power.

How do I post lithium batteries?

Make sure the corresponding gadget has your lithium battery enclosed. Use tape to cover any electrical connections and the on/off switches. Before packing, put your gadget in a plastic bag. Make certain that the shipping label you choose to send your lithium batteries is the appropriate one.

How do you ship a Segway?

designed and produced to ensure the safe transportation of Segways PT. Segway i2 and x2 Base can be sent securely, swiftly, conveniently, and affordably thanks to our unique packing. Order Base through the internet, get the item, pack Base in the designated box, attach the shipping label, and send Base securely to PT Pro for repair. Caution.

Does Swagtron ship to Canada?

Currently, we do not provide international shipping.

Can I bring my Segway on a plane?

The checkpoint permits the use of Segways. Please inquire about the airline’s policies with them. Please see the “What Can I Bring?” page for a list of more forbidden goods.

Are hoverboards allowed on American Airlines?

Hoverboards and smartbags with non-removable batteries are not permitted in carry-on or checked luggage. Although they are not allowed in checked baggage, electronic cigarettes are allowed in carry-on luggage. In no case is smoking permitted during flight.

Does Delta allow hoverboards?

Hoverboards and other self-balancing personal transportation equipment powered by lithium batteries are no longer permitted on board Delta flights in order to protect the safety of our passengers and staff. These goods are not allowed in carry-on luggage or checked baggage.

Are boxes free at USPS?

Whether you get them through your neighborhood Post Office or online at, they are always free. Boxes and envelopes from Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Flat Rate are also included in this.

Is it cheaper to ship a 10lb box UPS or USPS?

In general, USPS is less expensive for mailing little things than UPS for shipping big shipments. In the US, USPS Parcel Select will be a little more affordable alternative than UPS Ground if your package weighs no more than 66 pounds, but the travel time will be a little bit longer.

Are hoverboards Safe 2021?

Wearing safety equipment while riding a hoverboard may avoid major injuries, just as it does when using bikes, skateboards, and scooters. Unfortunately, hoverboards have additional dangers. They are capable of igniting on their own, resulting in property damage and injuries.

Are hoverboards a fire hazard?

Following complaints of certain battery packs catching fire, more than 200,000 are being recalled. Since the batteries might overheat and even catch fire or explode, more than 200,000 hoverboard battery packs supplied by major retailers are being recalled.

Where do you keep your hoverboard?

Keep your hoverboard clear of any possible moist outside structures, such as garages and sheds. The motherboard and battery will last longer if you store your hoverboard in a dry, well-ventilated area.

How do you post a hoverboard?

Packing Guidelines To ensure that it fits securely within the box, use all of the bubble wrap. Place the hoverboard inside the box after taping the bottom half of the container together. If there is additional space, stuff it with newspaper or more bubble wrap. Wrap the charger with bubble wrap.

Does USPS have xray packages?

Are letters X-rayed? A portion of the mail that is delivered by the USPS will go through an X-Ray machine. There are no set rules about what may or cannot be x-rayed, however it is probable that mail going to or through bigger cities will go via an X-Ray machine.

Does USPS charge extra for lithium batteries?

Limited amounts of lithium metal (nonrechargeable) and lithium-ion (rechargeable) cells and batteries may be sent domestically by air or land when they are installed in or packaged with the machinery they are meant to power.

Can FedEx ship lithium batteries?

At FedEx Office Print and Ship Center locations, FedEx Express® packages containing authorized IATA Section II lithium batteries are permitted and may be put in FedEx Drop Boxes.

Can you ship lithium ion batteries internationally?

Only when lithium batteries are already installed in the machinery they power can they be sent overseas. Lithium batteries or cells cannot be sent alone to foreign destinations by shipping companies; they must be a part of a product.

Can you ship knives through FedEx?

The USPS does not provide any services; FedEx and UPS do. For this reason, you must send all of your knives through FedEx or UPS. Any unique requests will be fulfilled as well. These are reputable businesses that focus on sending goods like knives.

Can you ship electronics with batteries?

You may send the majority of consumer-type lithium batteries and electronic devices incorporating lithium batteries—including power banks, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones—safely and easily provided specific safeguards are followed in the event that the shipment cannot be dispatched straight from the shop.


Shipping hoverboards to your home is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to mail a hoverboard, it must be shipped via FedEx.

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